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Atorvastatin and/or Generic Equivalent Lipitor Prescription Information

Atorvastatin is often prescribed to patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it helps to reduce their levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increase their levels of good cholesterol. Examples of patients who may be considered at risk of heart attacks and strokes include those with high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, or coronary heart disease.

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How does Atorvastatin work?

Atorvastatin is a type of medication known as a 'Statin'; statins are also known as HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. Cholesterol is produced in the liver by a certain type of enzyme. Atorvastatin works by preventing the action of this enzyme; as the liver is not able to produce cholesterol effectively, it absorbs it from the blood instead. This in turn reduces bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels by up to 60%. Lowering the levels of these substances in the blood helps to reduce the patient's risk of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack.

How to take Atorvastatin?

Atorvastatin is generally taken once a day. It is normally prescribed in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle - the patient will need to eat a diet low in cholesterol and fat, and do plenty of exercise. The dosage will depend on the patient's physical condition and cholesterol levels; therefore, they must take it exactly as directed by their doctor. The medication only helps to control cholesterol and triglyceride levels whilst it is being taken regularly, and it does not reduce cholesterol levels permanently. The patient must therefore continue to take it as directed for as long as their doctor tells them to, even if they feel well or do not think that they need to take the medication any more. They should not stop taking it unless their doctor has said they should.

Patients will have regular check-ups with their doctor while they are taking atorvastatin to monitor their progress and check that the medication is effectively controlling their cholesterol levels. They should start to notice a reduction in cholesterol levels within two weeks.

Alcohol and smoking must be avoided, as alcohol can raise triglyceride levels and smoking is a risk factor for heart disease.

Atorvastatin Side effects

In some cases, patients may experience mild muscle pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Rarely, patients may experience serious side effects such as itching, confusion, clay-colored stools, blurred vision, increased thirst and hunger, weight loss, and jaundice. In very rare cases, patients may suffer from the breakdown of bone and muscle tissue, which can lead to kidney failure. Signs that a patient may be suffering from kidney failure include weak muscles, dark-colored urine, unusual fatigue, and painful or tender muscles. Patients displaying these symptoms, or other severe side effects, should seek medical advice.

Atorvastatin Precautions

Patients who are pregnant must not buy atorvastatin, as it could cause harm to the unborn child. Similarly, it should not be taken by those who are breastfeeding or who have liver disease.

It is important that patients inform their doctor of their full medical history before they start taking Atorvastatin. This is because it may not be suitable for patients suffering from certain conditions, such as kidney or thyroid disease, muscle weakness or alcoholism. Similarly, it may not be taken safely by patients who are taking other medications such as cancer medications, HIV medications, or Antibiotics.

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