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Colcrys and/or Generic Equivalent Colchicine Prescription Information

Colcrys is used in the treatment of acute gout in adults. It can also be used to treat the generic condition known as Familial Mediterranean Fever in adults and children aged four and above.

Even though Colcrys is used to treat gout it will not cure the condition or prevent it from progressing. Instead, individuals order Colcrys to counter the inflammation experienced during gout, which results in this condition being so excruciatingly painful.

The swelling, pain and redness associated with gout are caused by a build-up of uric acid in the joints. While scientists are not sure exactly how Colcrys works, it is believed the medication stops the uric acid crystalizing. It is these crystals that cause the acute swelling and pain.

While the pain killing properties of this product for gout sufferers is acknowledged, it should not be used as a general painkiller. Colcrys received FDA approval for the treatment of acute gout flares and FDM, Familial Mediterranean Fever, in 2009. It has also been used for treating pseudogout, amyloidosis and scleroderma, but is yet to be fully evaluated and approved for these conditions.

Those choosing to purchase Colcrys will find it available in 0.6mg tablet form. For those suffering with acute gout it is recommended that two tablets (1.2mg) are taken immediately and a single tablet an hour later.

To prevent gout flares in people aged 16 and above, one or two tablets should be taken during the day.

When used in the treatment of FMF the dosage of Colcrys for children aged between four and six is a half to three tablets per day. Between six and 12 the dosage is one to three tablets daily and for children over the age of 12 and adults the daily dosage is two to four tablets per day.

Colcrys Side Effects

Before anyone makes the decision to buy Colcrys online at discounted prices or from their respective local pharmacy, they should tell the prescribing Doctor about any other medications they are taking, including prescription and nonprescription, vitamins and supplements. This is because some raise the levels of Colcrys in the body, which can be very dangerous and potentially fatal.

Those suffering from other medical conditions should inform the medical practitioner when being prescribed Colcrys, particularly if they suffer problems with their liver and kidney. The patient may still be able to take this drug, but the dosage may have to be adjusted accordingly.

If a patient is to be prescribed new medications he or she should tell the doctor if they are taking Colcrys. This is because even if the medication is being taken for only a short period of time it can still have very serious effects when interacting with other drugs.

Even though there is no evidence that Colcrys affects the unborn child it is still advisable for pregnant women or those intending to become pregnant, as well as nursing mothers, to discuss the issue fully with their doctors before being prescribed the medication.

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