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Detrol LA and/or Generic Equivalent Tolterodine LA Prescription Information

Detrol LA is the long-acting version of Detrol, a drug that is used to treat Over Active Bladder (OAB). The generic form of the drug is commonly known as Tolterodine LA or Tolterodine Tartrate extended release capsules. Its maker is Pfizer, one of the top pharmaceutical companies that manufacture drugs for many different conditions. The drugs that Pfizer manufactures and markets are considered to be some of the best in their respective classes. The active ingredient is known as Tolterodine Tartrate Extended Release, which serves to relax the Bladder Muscles. Because the muscle contractions are stopped, patients have more of a feeling of control over their bladder function.

Those who live with OAB, buy Detrol LA to stop the urine leakage and frequent urges to go to the bathroom that come with overactive bladder. This disorder affects both Men and Women, although there is an increase in Women developing these symptoms after the menopause. People who have OAB often need to visit the bathroom in a hurry because of a strong urge to pass urine, or worry that they may have an accident due to leakage.

This set of symptoms is caused by contractions in the bladder muscles. Controlling these contractions properly is essential to controlling the condition. When the muscles in question are relaxed, there is less chance that these contractions will occur regularly.

Because overactive bladder is caused by muscle contractions, it is important to bring these contractions under control. Controlling the contractions properly stops the feeling of fullness when the bladder is not full, as well as the embarrassing leakage issues. Detrol LA works primarily by soothing the muscles involved. A major advantage of this medication is that it can work for 24 hours. This gives patients with OAB greater confidence that the drug works as they expect it to. A long-acting drug also helps to eliminate problems such as waking up frequently during the night as a result of these urges.

Detrol LA Dosage

This pill is generally meant to be taken once a day. You may choose to take it with or without a meal, as it will work well either way. To take full advantage of this medication, you should always plan to take it at the same time every day. Do not stop taking the medication altogether, or increase your dosage without asking your doctor about it first. Making sudden changes like this might impact how the drug works. You want to make sure that the effects you get from this medication are worthwhile.

Detrol LA Side effects

This is a safe drug for most patients to take without any problems, although there have been reports of abdominal pain with cramping, as well as headaches and dry mouth. Dry mouth symptoms are easily contained by drinking enough water, using sugar-free hard candy or gum, and refraining from smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages. A feeling of tiredness, dizziness or blurred vision might occur while taking this drug. Always be careful before driving when you use a drug like this. Your Doctor should be notified of any unusual symptoms.

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