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Erlotinib and/or Brand Equivalent Tarceva Prescription Information

Erlotinib is a drug for treating Non Small Cell Lung Cancers. It works by interfering with the growth of the cancerous cells and slowing their progress. It may be also used in combination with other cancer medications to treat some forms of Pancreatic Cancer. It blocks the signals inside the cancerous cells that pass the message between cells to divide and grow.

You should carefully follow the directions given to you by your Doctor or the pharmacist when you buy Erlotinib, as well as reading the product information carefully. You should take your medication with your stomach empty, and if you miss a dose then take it straight away, as long as you have not recently eaten. Regular testing will allow your doctor to work out how long your course of Erlotinib should be. Antacids can cause a reaction, so you should avoid antacids within a few hours before and after taking Erlotinib, and also alcohol based skin products as they can irritate your skin.

Precautions before taking Erlotinib

The following things are important to consider before and during your course of Erlotinib.

  • You must use birth control during and for a short while after your treatment, as Erlotinib can be harmful to the unborn baby; if you are pregnant do not begin taking this drug. Do not take it whilst breastfeeding as it is not known whether Erlotinib is passed in the Mother's milk.
  • You must stop taking Erlotinib right away if you experience worsening symptoms or any new symptoms associated with lung cancer such as coughing, fever, rapid weight gain, shortness of breath, chest pain that spreads to your arms, and sudden numbness.
  • You must also stop taking the drug right away if you notice changes in your bathroom habits such as going more frequently or not at all, or passing bloody stools.
  • You must not smoke whilst taking Erlotinib, and you must tell your Doctor if you have lung problems, or kidney or liver disease.
  • You will need regular blood tests whilst you are taking Erlotinib to ensure that it is working effectively, and there are no unnoticed harmful effects occurring.
  • Erlotinib may react badly with UV light so stay away from tanning beds and stay out of the sun. Use at least factor 30 sunscreen, and cover up if you are outdoors at all, even if you are in the shade.
  • Erlotinib Side Effects

    Serious side effects that require immediate medical attention include:

  • Rash of any kind.
  • Nausea, jaundice or itching.
  • Dark urine or urinating less than usual.
  • Eye irritation or pain.
  • Sudden numbness or severe headaches.
  • Mood swings or confusion.
  • Sores and white patches on your lips or inside your mouth.
  • Pale or bruised skin, unusual bleeding from bodily orifices such as the rectum or nose.

  • There are other less serious side effects that may occur during your course of Erlotinib. If you are worried by any symptoms, see your Doctor as soon as possible.

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