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Plavix and/or Generic Equivalent Clopidogrel Prescription Information

Patients with Blood Vessel or Heart disorders, or a history of Heart Attack or Stroke, can buy Canadian Plavix to help prevent blood clots. Plavix is a branded product; the generic form is known as Clopidogrel.

Plavix is a type of drug known as an Anticoagulant. Blood clots are formed when platelets in the blood stick together, or coagulate, to form lumps. Blood clots can be dangerous if they block blood vessels, causing a lack of oxygenated blood to organs such as the brain or heart. This can cause a heart attack or stroke. Buy Plavix online to prevent Coagulation; the platelets are unable to stick together to form clots.

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Plavix Dosage

Plavix is taken orally. Each dose must be taken with a full glass of water, although it may be taken with or without food. The patient must always take their prescribed dose exactly as directed to ensure that the medication is as effective as possible and that they are not at higher risk of side effects. They must continue to take their prescribed dose even if they feel well; if they stop taking Plavix, it will no longer prevent clotting.

Patients should not drink alcohol while taking Plavix, as it may increase the risk of bleeding in the intestines or stomach.

While they are taking Plavix, patients are likely to need regular blood tests so that their doctor can monitor the effect of the drug and ensure that their dose does not need adjusting.

Plavix Side effects

As Plavix prevents blood clotting, patients who cut themselves while taking the drug are likely to bleed more than those who are not taking it. They may also suffer from increased bruising and internal bleeding. Patients who cut themselves significantly or fear that they may have internal bleeding should seek immediate medical advice. Patients should avoid activities that pose an increased risk of injury, such as extreme sports. They should take extra care when doing essential activities that pose a risk of bleeding, such as flossing their teeth or shaving, and should advise their surgeon or dentist if undergoing any form of surgery or dental treatment.

Sometimes patients may suffer from itching. More serious side effects include black tarry stools, chest pain or heaviness in the chest that spreads to the limbs, pale or Jaundiced skin, nosebleeds, coughing up blood, headaches, vision problems, confusion, and sudden numbness or weakness. Any serious side effects require immediate medical advice.

Plavix Precautions

Patients with a history of certain medical conditions may not be able to take Plavix. Examples of such conditions include bleeding or clotting disorders, kidney disease, or stomach ulcers. Similarly, patients who are breastfeeding should not take Plavix. It is important that the patient's medical history is fully discussed before they start taking the drug to ensure that they are not at risk of complications.

Some medications may also interact with Plavix and cause side effects; these may include NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), cancer medications, stomach acid reducers, HIV medications, antifungal medications, and seizure medications. Patients should not take any other medications unless they have first sought advice from their doctor.

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