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Drug Name Generic/Equivalent Name  
Lotemax Loteprednol Etabonate Ophthalmic Suspension 0.5% Infomation
Tobradex Tobramycin/ Dexamethasone Infomation
Xalatan Eye Drops Latanoprost Infomation

Dry Eyes

Proper moisture is important for the health of our eyes and vision. Tears keep our eyes moisturized and protected from dust and other foreign substances. Besides weather or environmental factors, dry eyes can be a side effect of medication. Antidepressants, Birth Control, Blood Pressure Medication and Antihistamines are all products that can cause dry eyes. Eye drops are an effective way to moisturize dry eyes that are a result of contact lenses, pinkeye, infections, allergies, or following Lasik eye surgery. Eye drops can even help slow or prevent glaucoma. Place your order today to treat redness, dryness and lack of tear production.

Eye Inflammation or Surgery Care

Products like Lotemax are prescribed for swelling, itching and redness in the eyes due to inflammation or injury. These corticosteroid medications can also be used to give relief and healing to the eyes after surgery. Be sure to talk to your doctor about whether you can wear contact lenses while using Lotemax for treatment. If he or she approves it, it is important to take your lenses out before applying the eye drops. Ask your doctor about the best way to protect your eyes and your contact lenses from absorbing any medication.

Eye Infections

Other eye care products include antibiotics for bacterial infections of the eye. Tobradex contains both Tobramycin and Dexamethasone. The former is the antibiotic portion of the medication, and the latter is the steroid that brings down the swelling in the eye. Note that Tobradex is for treating bacterial eye infections only, but not fungal eye infections.

Order today for relief and healing for your eyes.