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Is obsessive compulsive disorder linked to schizophrenia? October 17

For those taking Geodon to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, understanding all of the mental traits associated with the disease is can help better manage the condition.  ... read more >>

Identical twin study reveals more clues about Type 2 diabetes October 7

The world of diabetes research is constantly shifting and advancing in an effort to one day possess the ability to alleviate all symptoms of this troubling disease. ... read more >>

Researchers: Schizophrenia may be influenced by several genetic disorders October 6

For years it's been assumed that schizophrenia is one specific genetic disorder that can produce a variety of mentally challenging symptoms. ... read more >>

Low education, poor health management increases stroke risk October 3

The relationship between health and education has been a relatively underexplored correlation within the research community. ... read more >>