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Is obsessive compulsive disorder linked to schizophrenia? October 17

For those taking Geodon to treat symptoms of schizophrenia, understanding all of the mental traits associated with the disease is can help better manage the condition. ... read more >>

  • Researchers: Schizophrenia may be influenced by several genetic disorders

    For years it's been assumed that schizophrenia is one specific genetic disorder that can produce a variety of mentally challenging symptoms.... >>

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Harvard researchers may have uncovered new diabetic treatment May 27

As nearly 10 percent of the entire U.S. population deals with symptoms of diabetes on a daily basis, new funding and research is happening daily to find a cure.... read more >>

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Report: Erectile dysfunction rates in military are increasing October 15

While erectile dysfunction is typically an uncomfortable subject for most men, it's a health issue that can only be alleviated through communication.... read more >>

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Bed position in hospitals may be a factor for stroke patients December 5

Stroke victims should be aware of several guidelines when trying to manage their health.... read more >>

  • Study: Fast-food consumption in inner cities may fuel diabetes surge

    While diabetics taking medications such as Januvia for their condition can help better manage their symptoms, the benefits of adhering to a healthy, well-balanced diet are crucial for anyone living with the disease.... >>

  • Study: Nutritious foods significantly reduce stroke risk

    It's no secret: Implementing a nutritious diet into your everyday life can vastly improve your overall health, not to mention reduce your risk of stroke.... >>

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Healthy lifestyles can reduce female stroke risk by half October 15

While most people are aware of the vast benefits adhering to a healthy lifestyle can provide, there are still plenty of individuals who continue to ignore recommendations for staying in shape.... read more >>