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4 Health Tips to Prevent Cancer

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When it comes to your health and your risk of illness or disease, there is always something you can do to be proactive about improving your condition. Even if you already have an illness or are at high-risk due to genetics or lifestyle, there are always steps you can take towards faster recovery or to decrease your chances of cancer. Avoiding the things that cause cancer and increasing habits that help fight cancer are both within your control.

Cancer Prevention Tips

1. Don’t Smoke. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but if you smoke or are around cigarette smoke, it will make a big difference if you change this. Smoking is highly correlated with a number of cancers, including lung, throat, mouth, kidney, bladder and pancreas. Making the active choice to quit smoking and remove yourself from secondhand smoke will be a lifestyle change that will make a significant difference in lowering your risk of cancer.


2. Maintain a Healthy Weight. Obesity contributes to a number of different cancers, as well as other health issues. Trade empty calories, fried/fast food, refined sugar, and fatty food from animal sources for nutrient and antioxidant-rich foods as mentioned in the point above. Keep in mind that sugary and alcoholic drinks have a lot of calories that may lead to weight gain, and that alcohol is a known contributor to cancer.

3. Anti-cancer Diet. You control what nutrients you consume every single day. While eating clean (choosing fresh and unprocessed food) is beneficial to health in general, you can be more intentional about choosing foods that will lower your cancer risk. Eating vegetables, fruit, beans and lean meat will give you the proper fuel to fight free radicals. Incorporate antioxidant rich veggies and foods and keep any alcohol limited one drink a day.


4. Get screened and immunized. As much as you can (and should) do in your everyday lifestyle to keep cancer and illness at bay, don’t forget to partner with a good doctor. Be sure to go for regular checkups and give your doctor thorough information about any history of cancers in your family. Additionally, get your vaccines and immunizations. Certain viral infections can increase your chances of cancer. Ask if you would benefit from getting immunized from infections including Hepatitis B or human papillomavirus (HPV).

Depending on your health conditions and family medical history, you could always tailor your healthy lifestyle to you. These are general suggestions that are helpful for anyone to follow, and is a good foundation to build on.


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