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Enjoy 5 Foods for Stomach Ulcer Treatment

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Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

The stereotypical stomach ulcer sufferer used to be an aggressive, stressed-out executive who coped with long hours by indulging in three-martini lunches and spicy food. Then scientists proved that the common Helicobacter pylori bacterium — not a grueling work schedule, alcohol and a highly seasoned diet — causes this gastrointestinal menace in women as often as men. Around half of all Americans under 60 years old have H. pylori. It doesn’t cause problems in most people. But in an unlucky minority, this bug burrows through the stomach’s protective mucous coating. Bacteria and stomach acid irritate the sensitive lining beneath, creating ulcers. These open sores on the stomach’s surface cause an abdomen burning sensation in about five million Americans. Prescription medications like Pariet offer acid-controlling properties that help prevent stomach damage. You should also avoid having an empty stomach to stop gastric juices from attacking the lining of the digestive tract. Research has found that the following five foods and beverages stave off stomach ulcers.

Stomach Ulcer Treatment

Bananas Supply Multiple Safeguards

1. Bananas Supply Multiple Safeguards

An antibacterial substance in bananas may inhibit the growth of ulcer-causing H. pylori. show that banana eaters have thicker stomach walls and greater mucus production, which helps build better digestive acid barriers.

Yogurt Ingredients Boast Protective Benefits

2. Yogurt Ingredients Boast Protective Benefits

L. acidophilus and L. gasseri, the good bacteria in yogurt, help protect your stomach lining from harmful H. pylori. A found that yogurt containing lactobacillus and bifidobacterium probiotics improved drug therapy success in people with persistent H. pylori infections.

Licorice Tea Reduces Stomach Acid Damage

3. Licorice Tea Reduces Stomach Acid Damage

The medicinal properties of licorice include reducing your digestive acid’s ability to damage your stomach lining. Studies have demonstrated licorice’s ulcer-healing effects. Cut 1 ounce licorice root, sticks or licorice-mass candy into slices and cover with 1 quart boiling water. Steep, cool and strain for a relieving cup of tea.

Cayenne Pepper Tea Soothes Abdominal Pain

4. Cayenne Pepper Tea Soothes Abdominal Pain

Surprisingly, a little cayenne pepper can go a long way in helping ulcers. The pepper stimulates blood flow to bring soothing nutrients to your stomach. To make a daily cup of tea, mix 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper in 1 cup hot water. Or add a dash of cayenne pepper to soups, meats and other savory dishes.

Cabbage Juice Heals Ulcers

5. Cabbage Juice Heals Ulcers

in cabbage juice protect and heal the mucous membranes lining your digestive tract and stomach. Researchers found that patients who drank a quart of raw cabbage juice per day often healed their ulcers in five days. Add a sliced half cabbage to a masticating juicer to make this medicinal drink. Or simply eat cabbage to gain similar relief.

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