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5 Ways to Prepare for Another Stroke Emergency

Man who had stroke
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After surviving a mini or major stroke, having another one is your greatest health threat. According to , your risk of a second stroke occurring within five years could be as much as 40 percent. Since you can’t foretell when a medical emergency will arise, planning for one will help you and your family handle the accompanying fear, anxiety, and worry better. Experts offer health-enhancing and timesaving tips to promote the best possible outcome if another stroke transpires.

1. Manage Contributing Health Conditions

Taking medications to reduce stroke risk CandianPharmacyMeds.comTo reduce your stroke risk, take all of your medications on schedule and keep all routine doctors’ appointments. Cardura (Doxazosin), an alpha-blocker, relaxes blood vessels to promote blood flow and control hypertension. Cholesterol drugs like Niaspan reduce bad LDL cholesterol while increasing good HDL. Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate), an anticoagulant, prevents dangerous blood clots that can lead to strokes.

2. Know Key Stroke Signs

Man having stroke symptoms CandianPharmacyMeds.comThese five can indicate a stroke. Weakness or numbness in your face or limbs may affect one or both sides of your body. You might suffer from confusion, misunderstand what others say, or experience hampered speaking abilities. Vision problems could occur in either or both of your eyes. Dizziness, hindered balance, uncoordinated movements, or walking difficulties may come on quickly. You also might feel a severe headache without another justifiable cause.

3. Wear Medical ID Jewelry

Stroke medical ID tag CandianPharmacyMeds.comEmergency responders need your personal information and medical history promptly to treat your correctly. They look for medical identification jewelry that allows 24-hour access to your health conditions, medicines, and allergies. Wearing a special ID necklace or bracelet will provide essential details you might be unable to convey so you can receive appropriate and effective treatment quickly.

4. Create a Smartphone Emergency Contact

Phone emergency contact CandianPharmacyMeds.comIf you aren’t with your family when emergency responders arrive, they need to know whom to call. Label your power of attorney or emergency contact’s number as ICE, or In Case of Emergency, in your phone. If your smartphone requires a password to access your contact directory, customize your lock screen wallpaper to display your emergency contact person’s full name, relationship, and phone number(s).

5. Teach Others to Act FAST

Man having stroke CandianPharmacyMeds.comYour family, co-workers, and friends need to know the best ways to react speedily if they suspect you’re having a stroke. The is an easy way for them to remember four vital steps.
  • Face: Observe the patient’s smile to see whether his face or mouth droops on one side.
  • Arms: After he closes his eyes, watch him lift both arms to discover if one glides back down.
  • Speech: As the patient repeats a short sentence, check for slurred or abnormal speech.
  • Timeliness: If you notice any of those stroke signs, call 9-1-1 promptly.

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