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5 Ways to Tweak a Failing New Year’s Resolution

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Quit smoking. Lose weight. Eat better. Sound familiar? About 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions like these, but a study found that just eight percent successfully follow through. You may have spouted off a half-hearted idea several drinks into a New Year’s Eve celebration. And now, it isn’t working. Instead of giving up or trying again next year, fine-tune your restorative pledge today. Five tips from and other experts can help you achieve your goals to enjoy a health-enhancing year.

1. Set a Specific Personal Goal

Woman attempting to quit smoking CanadianPharmacyMeds.comWhile wanting to quit smoking is an honorable goal, it’s too vague and overwhelming to accomplish without specifics. Decide why this resolution is important. Are health reasons necessitating this change? Have detrimental lifestyle choices contributed to a specific medical problem? Also consider why you chose this goal. The decision to stop smoking should be yours. When you try to meet someone else’s wishes or society’s expectations, you may set yourself up to fail. If you need a little help to quit, Chantix can be useful as it blocks smoking’s pleasurable feelings.

2. Plan a Realistic Timeline

Putting together a more realistic plan CanadianPharmacyMeds.comDropping 100 pounds sounds like a monumental task. But establishing smaller milestones will help you maintain control as multiple victories lead toward your ultimate goal. Devise a realistic one-year to lose two pounds every week or 8.5 pounds each month. Those small numbers are more achievable than the full 100. Exercise 30 minutes three or four days per week, increasing your time and intensity gradually. Eating more vegetables will reinforce your workout commitment. Orlistat, a generic weight-loss drug, prevents your body from absorbing a third of your diet’s fat.

3. Develop a Support System

Two seniors exercising together CanadianPharmacyMeds.comEnlist relatives or friends to bolster your efforts and hold you responsible for your actions. Request help from people who will remind you that you set a goal and help you get back on track if you waver. You don’t need people sarcastically asking, “How’s the donut, fatty?” Success comes with loving encouragement and support ― not ridicule and condemnation.

 4. Establish New Habits

Man trying to be healthy by eating a salad CanadianPharmacyMeds.comMany people have good intentions when making resolutions, but keeping them is hard. As each week passes, more folks let their self-improvement promises slide. But giving up too soon doesn’t allow a new behavior to become a habit. For it to stick, you must repeat it for 28 days. Training your mind to continue performing your new routine will make achieving your goal much easier.

5. Reward Yourself

Woman enjoying a spa day CanadianPharmacyMeds.comRecognize every gain your body makes including breathing, stress level, mood, self-control, strength, and energy. Some benefits may be subtle as they increase over time. Congratulate yourself periodically with enjoyable rewards like a massage, movie, or shopping trip. Celebrating intermediate accomplishments in healthy ways will inspire you to reach your end goal with well-deserved success.    

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