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Strengthen Your Aging Immune System

All of your body’s organs and processes protect you from harmful substances like cancer, viruses, and toxins. But as you grow older, your immune system weakens and declines. Gradually, you lose your ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals that are necessary to sustain a proper nutrient level and strong body. Immunosenescence, or immune system deterioration, […]

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Medicine 101: The Science Behind a Fever

The unbearable warmth, the chills, the nausea, the aches — everyone has experienced the dreaded symptoms of fever at least once in life. Fevers come in all shapes and sizes and affect bodies in different ways. For example, you might be able to carry on life but feel slightly terrible for a full week or […]

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Care for a Flu Patient Without Infecting Yourself and Others

Care for a Flu Patient Without Infecting Yourself and Others Influenza is a contagious disease, but good habits can decrease the chances of the virus spreading in your household. An annual flu shot provides frontline protection, according to Dr. Bruce Gellin, director of the National Vaccine Program Office (see video below). Also follow these recommendations […]

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The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat the Common Cold

Every year, adults suffer from the common cold approximately two to three times. It afflicts children under age 2 about six times annually. Medical costs associated with cold and flu can surpass $42 billion per year. This exorbitant figure combines direct care like doctor visits, secondary infections, and cold medications with indirect expenses from missing […]

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