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Gift Guide Series: A Healthier Body

healthy body
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Welcome to Part 2 of our Gift Guide series for a healthier 2016! In Part 1, we offered some ideas for gifts to make the kitchen a healthier place in the home. Today we’ll share some items that can be part of your everyday life and help encourage a healthier body.

1. Getting healthy can be daunting, so start with something smaller that can build your confidence while making a positive difference in your body. Drinking water is a simple but important health goal that you can start with. Hydration can be more attractive when you are drinking out of a beautiful water bottle. Consider some colorful options from :




2. Getting enough water means better skin, more energy, and improved body function, just to name a few benefits. Keep water near the areas you spend the most time relaxing. If you’re not somebody constantly moving around different locations and want to drink more water when you’re at home, maybe a water bottle isn’t the way to get more H2O in you. Consider this sleek to keep on your coffee table or bedside table.



3. Developing strong core muscles will help to prevent back pain, improve overall posture, and more. The is a great way to work on balance exercises in the home without taking up a lot of room. Balance training is great for anyone with arthritis wanting to maintain flexibility in joints and strength in muscles. It’s also vital for older adults to maintain core strength and balance since it will help prevent slips and falls.



4. Seeing the data from your daily activities can really help you feel motivated and inspired to keep moving, eating and sleeping well. This activity tracker shows you how many steps you walked, as well as the distance, floors climbed and active minutes each day. This is all calculated for you and converted into how many calories were burned per day. Since your sleep directly affects your health and energy during the waking day, the also measures the duration and quality of your sleep, even waking you gently with a subtle vibration. This handy device is worn just like a watch and is a helpful way to make daily, weekly and monthly goals (walk a mile more each week, or walk a minimum distance per day, for example).



5. subscription is a monthly service that provides nutritious munchies for your favorite snacker to have appealing healthy snacks on hand. If you know their preferences, you can even get delivered. You can choose the length of the subscription (2, 5 or 10 months). Eating in small amounts throughout the day helps keep your metabolism consistent and prevents the starvation and overeating cycle. Getting into the habit of snacking on healthy food will keep your body fueled with nutritious instead of sugary foods.



We hope that these gifts will help you or your friends and family move towards a healthier body this year. Good hydration, core strength, and healthy snacking are great ways to improve your body, and we trust these gift options will help get you there.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Gift Guide series. Next up, we share ideas for helpful tools and equipment that will make being healthy that much more convenient and enjoyable! Have a healthy day, and take good care of yourself during the holiday busyness.

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