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How to Have Good Digestion

holiday indigestion
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This time of year is full of great meals, but for people with heartburn, IBS, or other digestive issues, holiday meals can also be associated with an unpleasant aftermath. While medication like Nexium is a helpful way to treat your condition, there are also lifestyle choices you can make to help minimize any negative effects of digestion.
You likely are aware of these tips, but it’s always good to review the ways you can take good care of your digestive system.

fiberbreakfast1. Eat enough fiber. Let’s start with the obvious. Fiber aids healthy digestion and passage of food through your intestines. If you are experiencing infrequent or difficult passage of stool, incorporating more fiber into your daily meals will help for easier passage. Also, take that extra step to learn how to read food labels. A good breakfast cereal is a great way to make your first meal digestion-friendly, but not everything that is advertised to be healthy is as beneficial as it claims. Look for cereal products with 16g of whole grains (choose 100% whole grain), 6-10g of fiber, and minimal added sugar. Adding seasonal fruits can make the meal sweeter or more flavorful, if that helps you enjoy it more. Be sure to also drink enough water, which makes the fiber work better.

2. Know Your Triggers. As much as you can read or receive advice, nobody knows your body like you do. You can partner with your doctor well by being observant of how your body reacts and feels when you eat or drink different things. Most people know that high-fat food can cause heartburn, but maybe you didn’t know that chocolate does too. Common food items that cause an upset stomach include dairy products and alcohol, but each person is different. Learn what your own stomach can and can’t handle well. Remember: it is important not to completely cut food out of your diet unless your doctor has tested and confirmed that you are intolerant.

3. Know the Cause vs Cost. Very few things in our physiology are exclusive. If you have a sensitive stomach, there are a number of ways that this can act up. While we may not feel dehydration, we can experience the effects such as headaches or hemorrhoids. It can be easy to focus on the symptom without dealing with the cause. This education about food, health conditions, and your body is definitely a process, so don’t get overwhelmed. Learn one thing at a time, and stay in dialogue with your health professionals.

4. Improve Your Comfort. As many know, sensitive digestive systems or conditions can cause a general feeling of discomfort. This in itself is a major disruption to our daily life, especially when we aren’t certain of the cause. Stomach pain and discomfort can be a result of bloating, constipation, lactose intolerance, food allergy, IBS, or gas. Finding out what specific condition is behind your general discomfort will help put you in control of improving your relationship with your body. If you can minimize certain foods that cause painful gas, or drink more liquids to prevent constipation, or treat painful gallstones or ulcers, that is all within your ability to do so. Doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths are all available to give you more information – check your health plan to see what experts you can afford to have access to.

Even if you’ve had a digestive issue for a long time, we hope this overview has encourages you to know that there are always things that can be done to improve your condition. If you ever feel stressed or disheartened about the amount of food or health information and education there is, remember to take things at your own pace. Small and gradual changes are easier to maintain than sudden lifestyle overhauls, and there is always a degree of trial and error. You can always start with simply observing and writing down how you feel, and that is a great and important part of becoming more aware of your digestive process and body. Being able to enjoy your meals and feel good afterwards is worth it!

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