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Calling All Men: Is Your Cell Phone Causing ED or Infertility?

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Have you heard? Recent studies indicate cell phone usage may interfere with men’s sexual functioning and reproductive abilities. We’ve compiled the latest research so you can be aware of the potential risks. Get the results and possible solutions now so you’ll know how to protect your health, quality of life and chances of having a family.

Studies Correlate Mobile Phones With ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects about 30 million American men, and 91 percent of American adults have cell phones. Recent studies indicate a risky correlation between cell phones and ED. A study reported that men with erectile dysfunction were 2.6 times more likely to keep their cell phones in their front pants’ pockets. Researchers theorized that this location may expose male genitalia to the phone’s harmful radiation emission. In another study, researchers found that men with ED carried continuously powered-on mobile phones an average of 4.4 hours per day, compared to 1.8 hours for study subjects with no ED history. Participants included men who had complained about having erectile dysfunction for six months or more and healthy men with no ED history. The men in both groups had no significant differences in age, height, weight, smoking, testosterone levels or exposure to known radiation sources. Researchers couldn’t pinpoint what caused the difference in erectile function, but they think the electromagnetic radiation or heat phones generate may be responsible. Both of these show that carrying a mobile phone in the front pants’ pocket and erectile dysfunction can occur at the same time — not that the former causes the latter. Researchers could be tracking coincidences. Other factors such as stress or medical conditions might explain this connection, or the increased ED risk could be real. Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and ED Prescription Medications Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or maintain a penile erection that’s sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. This very common clinical condition can affect up to 50 percent of men over 40 years old. Common risk factors include smoking, being overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and psychological conditions. Medications, talk therapy and lifestyle modifications including a healthy diet, losing weight and exercise can treat and improve these underlying causes, which may help you overcome ED. Your doctor may prescribe an ED medication that enables you to maintain erections so you can resume satisfying sexual activity. Viagra becomes effective in 30 to 120 minutes and lasts four hours. Cialis takes effect in 16 minutes and enables you to have sex during the next 36 hours.

Research Links Cell Phones to Male Infertility

A reported that 10 studies found sperm motility and male fertility dropped significantly after mobile phone radiation exposure. Men who carried their phones in a hip pocket or on a belt had 11 percent fewer mobile sperm than those who kept their phones elsewhere on their bodies. They also showed lower levels of the luteinizing reproductive hormone that the brain’s pituitary gland secretes and higher levels of circulating testosterone. Carrying a cell phone on a belt and using it extensively showed a 19 percent drop in highly motile sperm from previous levels. Men who talked on their phones for over an hour a day had 17 percent fewer highly motile sperm than those whose daily conversations were under 15 minutes. In the most notable findings, studies reported that health effects occurred at exposure levels far below the FCC’s current specific absorption rate (SAR) safety guidelines. Researchers studied the effects of WiFi exposure on semen samples from healthy, fertile men. Sperm in the control group without WiFi exposure maintained the same temperature during a four-hour period. When the study team measured sperm motility after four hours of radiation exposure in the WiFi group, 25 percent of sperm stopped swimming, compared to only 14 percent in the control group. Also, 9 percent of the sperm in the WiFi group showed DNA fragmentation or irreversible damage in the genetic code, compared to only 3 percent in the control group. Don’t assume that using a Bluetooth device or other headset provides protection when your phone is in a pants pocket or belt holster. Research shows that this exposes your reproductive organs to radiation, which lowers sperm count and/or quality.

Start Taking Precautions Today

If you continue your mobile phone habits, you risk possible erectile dysfunction and infertility consequences. Because research has linked father with baby outsideholding a cell phone next to your head with brain cancer, keeping your distance from it seems like a wise move. So for safety reasons, the farther your cell phone is from your body while carrying it and when talking on it, the better. Switching your phone from a pants’ pocket to a shirt or jacket pocket may decrease your risks, but moving it from your briefcase to your desk may be even smarter. For phone conversations, use the speaker option instead of holding it up to your ear. Texting more than calling may help. Also avoid leaving your phone turned on near you when sleeping. Cell phone radiation passes right through most nonconductive materials. Instead of carrying your phone against your body, use an electromagnetic field (EMF) protection product to deflect mobile phone radiation. With this safety accessory shielding your body from the device, you’ll absorb much less microwave frequency radiating from your cell phone.


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      That’s great to hear! We’re glad to know Cialis is helping, thanks for your feedback.

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