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What Men Need to Know About Belly Fat

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The common body shape of having a round midriff can be associated with some dangerous conditions such as heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. While this article will be followed by one about belly fat in women, we wanted to focus this one on men’s health since men are more genetically prone to store visceral fat in their midsection. If you are male and your waist circumference is greater than 40 inches, you are holding the most harmful type of weight. Heart failure is one of the top causes of death in men in North America, so knowing what contributes and what addresses this condition will be important either for yourself or someone in your life. Other conditions you may be at risk for are stroke, dementia, colon cancer, and sleep apnea.


There are different factors contributing to an individual’s tendency to hold belly fat. At the most basic, we know that eating more calories than we burn will mean we store the extra calories as fat. Men tend to hold excess weight in the midsection as they age, and the type of weight being held is partly due to the aging process as well.

Testosterone production begins to decrease in middle-aged men, leading to the body storing extra fat as visceral fat, which is a deeper type of fat that settles around the intestines, liver and pancreas. The type of fat that sits on the surface, just under your skin, is subcutaneous fat, which is easier to lose and less of a health risk than visceral fat. Belly fat is made up of both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

A lack of sleep or oversleeping can both contribute to belly fat. Poor sleep affects your hormones, metabolism and overall body function. It also makes you more likely to overeat on sugary foods for energy. Do aim for 6-8 hours of sleep to make sure your body is rested and able to function well.

Insulin is a hormone that increases in the body with age and that leads to weight storage in the stomach. Your body converts insulin less effectively with time, leading to a higher amount in your system. Be sure to consume enough lean protein and get enough aerobic and strength building exercise to combat insulin’s effects on your body.

Research has identified the hormone cortisol as another reason for belly visceral fat. Cortisol is produced in the body when you are stressed, and is associated specifically with weight retention in the midsection. Identify what unhealthy stressors you are experiencing and make a plan to address them and create boundaries for your mental and emotional health.

How to Lose Belly Weight

mensweights-sIt is true that there is no such thing as spot training. This means you cannot just lose weight in one area by doing exercises for that muscle group. Weight loss and exercise has to be an overall feat. What is an important focus for men with midsection weight is weight training. Adults begin to lose muscle mass after the age of 30, and being proactive to maintain and increase muscle percentage in the body will help increase your metabolism and burn fat. Work up to at least 3 days a week of strength training and on the days that your muscles need rest, alternate with a challenging aerobic exercise like biking or swimming.

Lifestyle choices are both a major cause and a major solution to improving your health and getting rid of belly fat. It isn’t just about eating more than you are working off; it is also about what you eating. White bread, white rice, high-fat meat, alcohol and soda or sugary drinks are common culprits of unhealthy weight. Your dietary foundation should be vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Next, you can add protein like lean meat, quinoa or Greek yogurt. Enjoy low-fat dairy items like certain cheeses on occasion. Remember to watch your portion sizes, and to stop eating when you are full.

The sedentary lifestyle that is usually a contributor to visceral belly fat is best transformed if you make slow and lasting adjustments. Make it your goal to lose a maximum of 2 pounds a week, and keep educating yourself and experimenting with healthy nutrition and exercise. Take your time to learn how to enjoy a new, healthier lifestyle and work with your doctor to continue losing belly fat.

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