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holiday indigestion

How to Have Good Digestion

This time of year is full of great meals, but for people with heartburn, IBS, or other digestive issues, holiday meals can also be associated with an unpleasant aftermath. While medication like Nexium is a helpful way to treat your condition, there are also lifestyle choices you can make to help minimize any negative effects […]

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Gift Guide Series: Going Big

Welcome to the last post in our Gift Guide Series for a healthier new year! We If you’re looking for a great group gift, or want to splurge on someone important to you, here are some higher budget gifts that will get them ready to go hard after health this upcoming year. Of course, we […]

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choose healthy

Gift Guide Series: The Right Equipment

One of the biggest deterrents to healthy change is always fear – and this shows up in many subtle ways. We don’t weight train because we don’t know how to use the equipment or what type of exercises we should do. Not only can having the right tools eliminate the excuse that you aren’t ready […]

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healthy body

Gift Guide Series: A Healthier Body

Welcome to Part 2 of our Gift Guide series for a healthier 2016! In Part 1, we offered some ideas for gifts to make the kitchen a healthier place in the home. Today we’ll share some items that can be part of your everyday life and help encourage a healthier body. 1. Getting healthy can […]

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